1. ANOTHER REMINDER...NEAFCS Distinguished Service & Continued Excellence Awards Applications

    Nov 13, 2017

    This is the time of year we focus on the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) and Continued Excellence Award (CEA). The award winners will be announced at the All Extension Conference in January 2018. This year we are having NEAFCS Members who are eligible for the DSA and CEA complete an application via Qualtrics. When the applications are submitted by the deadline an email will be sent out to NEAFCS Members to vote for the DSA and CEA.

    The deadline for the award applications is Monday, November 20, 2017; applications due by 11:59 p.m.

  2. Call for Papers - National Land Grant Diversity Conference - Deadline July 14 (Source: Brian Raison)

    May 23, 2017

    Call for Proposals / Paper Presentations:

    2018 National Land Grant Diversity Conference (formerly the Tri-State Diversity Conference) will be held February 15-16, 2018. Please circulate and invite people to submit proposals. Deadline for submissions is July 14, 2017.

    14th Annual National Land Grant Diversity Conference - February 15-16, 2018 (Greater Cincinnati Airport)

  3. Applications Due: April 28 - Cultural Immersion Project in Puerto Rico for Ohio 4-H Professionals

    Apr 21, 2017

    The 4-H Cultural Immersion Project (CIP) is open to Ohio 4-H Educators / Program Coordinators with 2 or more years experience in their position and provides a unique opportunity to be immersed in Puerto Rican life and culture. This experience will build stronger cross cultural skills and abilities to prepare 4-H professionals to work with a wider audience of youth in their local program. Participants will experience local Puerto Rican culture and engage in several cross-cultural learning projects in the local community.