2015 OSU Extension Annual Report

OSUE Administration is putting hard copies of the 2015 OSU Extension Annual Report (quad-fold and one-page stories) in county mail – two per county.

Please use the stories in this year’s annual report to help market the impact of Extension as a whole, and to support your local programs whenever possible.

PDF files of the new quad-fold and the one-pagers will be posted soon on the CFAES Marketing and Communications web site at http://communications.cfaes.ohio-state.edu/resources/marketing-and-brand-strategy/annual-reports-and-legislative-stories. Copies of the 2014-2009 Extension annual reports are also posted at this link, as well as the OARDC annual reports.

Please use the online PDF files to print and distribute copies of the annual report stories for your county needs. Administration has a limited number of pre-printed copies on hand for special requests. Please contact me if you need a few copies for a special use.